The innerwear is scientifically designed and cut to enhance all-day user comfort. The elastic is sewn between the bands of the innerwear. The result is minimized skin marks and rashes and a snug fit with less than 2% distortion even after several washes."

Rupa reinforces quality with technology. Application of advanced technology at every level – from planning to production – gives Rupa products the leading edge. Multi-pronged use of technology helps to meet all the required specifications, ably assisted by a trained pool of highly-qualified scientists and technicians.


Harnessing the power of technology allows Rupa to conform to international standards of fastness properties like rubbing, perspiration, light and washing. So that each Rupa product proudly flaunts the Colorfast guarantee.

At Rupa, much of the research is focused on enhancing the standards of colour in the quality control laboratory. Up-to-date, high-performance equipment and matching software is used to aid perfect colour formulation and colour correction, as well as testing for colour-fastness, and effects. Rupa products conform to international standards of fastness properties like rubbing, perspiration, light and washing and come with a Colorfast guarantee.

Over the years, this commitment to cutting-edge technology has been reinforced through the following investments :

  • Spectraflash SF450 (a high-performance spectrophotometer) with colour matching software from DATACOLOR of USA. This makes it possible for the Company to dispatch a lab-tested colour sample within 24 hours of receipt from the client.
  • Labomat beaker dyeing from Mathis (Switzerland) to achieve the precise result in the laboratory with tests across fabric fastness properties like rubbing, light, perspiration and washing in line with international standards.

The Company’s R&D team is trained in the use of this equipment, improving product quality and developing indigenous substitutes. To enhance effectiveness, the laboratory also monitors shop-floor developments to protect established quality standards.