Research & Development

"At Rupa, the constant pursuit of excellence is achieved through an unwavering focus on research and development, because that is the way in which we can continue to deliver beyond expectations."

Each Rupa product is the result of a ceaseless commitment to Research & Development, because we believe that to stay ahead of the competition, you have to stay ahead of the learning curve.

Understanding the value of research, the ultra-modern laboratory at Rupa’s Dyeing and Processing Plant gives advanced developmental support to the daily operations. The Domjur Unit is supported by an advanced in-house R & D unit, which continually strives to bring cutting-edge technology and know-how to production processes.


At Rupa we put in a lot of research and effort to give you environmentally friendly clothes. Innerwear, thermals and hosiery products are made from superior and natural fibers that are grown in sustainable farming methods. All our fabrics are biodegradable. It is also ensured that our raw materials do not destroy our environment with harmful chemicals. We closely monitor our manufacturing process to optimize the use of water, energy and natural resources. Conventional dyeing methods waste millions of gallons of fresh water. At Rupa, regularly upgraded and modernized production technologies help to conserve and recycle precious water and energy. At Rupa, we make soft, breathable, lush and comfy knitted wear that also replenish the environment in every way we can.