Presently, Rupa is one of the leading Knitwear brands in India. We cover the entire range of knitted garments from comfort innerwear to cool casual wear. It all started as a dream of three farsighted visionary men who changed the face of the hosiery business in India. Rupa has evolved to become the frontrunner in the innerwear and outerwear business in India and also a leading brand in global markets with millions of satisfied customers.

The reason behind our prosperous journey and success is that Rupa believes in moving ahead just not only in terms of volumes but also in technologies and product innovations. To match the requirements of evolving consumer preferences and market demands, Rupa periodically launches new varieties within each sub-brands. These products are incorporated with the latest fabric innovations, cutting-edge production techniques, and advanced design features to give the end-user the finest exquisite experience of style and comfort!

Synonymous with quality and durability, Rupa brands are integrated across the hosiery value chain. They enjoy top-of-the-mind recall across all segments and have earned the trust of millions across the globe.


  • Rupa has a daily capacity to produce over 700,000 pieces of finished goods.
  • Rupa products are made from the finest yarns sourced from across the globe.
  • Rupa uses imported technology for dyeing and bleaching to maintain competitive quality standards.
  • Rupa invests in considerable research programmes to produce environment-friendly clothes and minimize carbon footprints.