Life Is Too Short To Live In Black & White…

Especially when it comes to your style statement! At Colors, we swear by the mantra of ditching the dull & seizing the day with a collection as vibrant as you are. Feisty & flirty, dramatic & daring- embrace a world of colors that reflects your zest for life.


Product Catalogue

Let Nature Inspire Your Wardrobe

Electrify your style with a burst of vitality & splash of verdure into your wardrobe. From funky innerwear to playful outerwear, eco-friendly undies to essential hankies- the Colors collection is all about premium fabrics & captivating hues inspired by the beauty of the world around us for a look & feel that is truly au naturale! From the color palette to the texture & feature, nature has been the key influence in shaping up the range of Colors like no other. 

Live Colors

Why settle for ordinary when you can wear something that embodies the spirit of living life to the fullest? Laced with playful passion and reviewed through scrupulous attention, all ranges of Colors boast of an experience of multi-sensory overhaul. Our signature gym-innerwear range Athlefit, made from a practical blend of cotton & spandex, is meant for form-fitting support, flexibility & extended-wear comfort not just during fitness sesh but in every occasion. Next comes the Playsure outerwear collection, offering a diverse range of cool n comfy garments including chest-printed t-shirts, boxers, tank tops (inner and outer), shorts, and pajamas. Each product in this line is treated with special styling techniques to keep up with the latest trends. 
The latest addition is our exclusive range of plush & premium towels and hankies made from 100% cotton for a ultra-soft and super-absorbent feel for keeping you fresh n clean all day long. While the towels come numerous vibrant shades & 3 sizes for hand, face & bath usage, our hankies are epitome of essential meets elegance for an unmatched on-the-go no-sweat experience. 
So why wait, come sink into the pleasure as we bring you the chance to Live Colors!