We at Softline leggings, have always pushed the envelope in terms of innovation, variety and comfort. Our range of premium leggings are wardrobe essentials for women seeking ease with a fashionable edge.

Softline Leggings’ primary customer base being young, fun-loving women- it makes our ambassador, actor Anushka Sharma an organic fit to represent the brand. Her youthfulness and passion resonates well with the overall consumer psyche.

Our new mantra, ‘Effortless You’, aims to reach out to young women, who are comfortable in their own skin and live life on their terms, effortlessly! Softline fulfils their need for comfortable yet stylish clothing, in 100+ colours to suit their every mood.

Softline is the most preferred brand of premium leggings in India, today. Our brand portfolio boasts a variety of leggings, crafted from a unique 4D cotton stretch fabric for added comfort and are available in the following styles: capri, churidar, ankle length, shimmer, printed, winter etc.