Company’s Philosophy on Code of Governance

Corporate Governance is a system by which corporate entities are directed and controlled, encompassing the entire mechanics of the functioning of a Company. Good Corporate Governance practices are a sine qua non for sustainable business that aims at generating long term value to all its shareholders and other stakeholders.

The Company believes that strong governance standards, focusing on fairness, transparency, accountability and responsibility are vital, not only for the healthy and vibrant corporate sector growth, but also for inclusive growth of the economy. The Company has always focused on good Corporate Governance, which is a key driver of sustainable corporate growth and long term value creation for its stakeholders. The Company has measures to periodically review and revise the Corporate Governance practices by subjecting business processes to audits and checks that measures up to the required standards. The Company believes that Corporate Governance is not just limited to creating checks and balances; it is more about creating organizational excellence leading to increasing employee and customer satisfaction and shareholder value. The Company always endeavors to leverage its human and capital resources to translate opportunities into reality, create awareness of corporate vision and spark dynamism and entrepreneurship at all levels.

Corporate Governance Report

Compliance Report on Corporate Governance