“The Fine brushing in Rupa's thermal wear is treated in a manner to provide warmth”

At Rupa, the constant focus is on producing and promoting eco-friendly products and processes for a greener world. Rupa sources natural and bio-degradable fibres grown in sustainable methods. The manufacturing units have water saving and recycling and use revolutionary technologies like Air-Dyeing to conserve precious water and energy.

Products are designed for to arrest ecological footprints even after consumption. Every time the consumer wears a Rupa, he takes part in this enriching process. Rupa is deeply committed to weaving a greener, happier world.

Why should you buy Vest-Air?

  • Silky, Light fabric allows Air to touch skin with Soothing feel with PIMA COTTON
  • Skin is to able to breathe & feel fresh every time
  • Highly Comfortable
  • No Synthetic Texture
  • American feel on Indian soil
  • No & Never itching
  • Higher wearing life than Normal other Branded Vest
  • Wear air taking care
  • Allow air to touch skin when there is air in air